Built to last

In 1961, Niilo Lehtinen, a Rauma-native father of a large family, founded the company Asennusliike N.Lehtinen, which started operating in a house in the Paroalho district of Rauma. The tool room was located in the garage and the office was upstairs. The branch of activity for the company was ship piping projects and a total of 5 persons were employed by the firm. The company operated as a subcontractor to Rauma-Repola Oy shipyard in Rauma. The operations grew and expanded, and in the 1970s the number of employees even reached 400 persons. The company has also gone through hard times, but it has always managed to fulfil its duties and obligations though at one point even the Managing Director's car was repossessed. As the branch of activities expanded, Asennusliike N. Lehtinen became a partnership company in 1985, and the company begun operating under the name Aslemetals Oy in 1992. The Kaaro machine shop was completed in 1973 and the Uotila industrial hall in Rauma in 1978.

In 1982, Asennusliike N. Lehtinen started to build the Olkiluoto shipyard in Eurajoki that specialised in small tonnage ships, ship part deliveries as well as conversions and repairs.

Niilo Lehtinen also expanded the operations of the machine shop by buying majority ownership of Kosken Auto- ja Lava Oy and the Laitila-based Ekomp Oy. Aslemetals started to develop demountable freight containers, to manufacture baling presses, waste containers, as well as ash and sludge beds. These activities did not develop as strong as the other areas of production so the companies were later sold. Still, this endeavour created good memories and the development work resulted in assets that could be utilised in future projects.

In 1997, Niilo Lehtinen handed over the Managing Director's position to his son Pasi Lehtinen. Pasi Lehtinen graduated as Mechanical Engineer in 1982 and has since been working at Aslemetals Oy. He will continue to develop the company toward new challenges. The certification of the company's quality management system to comply with standards ISO 9001:2000 and SFS-EN 729-2 was a major step at the turn of the millennium.

At the beginning of the new millennium, the production of separator aggregates had increased to unprecedented rates. Aslemetals acquired more production facilities at Eurajoki where the entire machine unit production was centralised from Kaaro and Olkiluoto. Production of machine units in Lapijoki, Eurajoki, was launched in November 2004. This move was preceded by extensive renovations. Subsequently, the facilities have been further renovated and expanded, and currently the machine shop holds approximately 3000 sqm of production and 1000 sqm of storage facilities. In 2009, also the company's administration was moved to Lapijoki.

The administration utilises the V10 production control and financial management system. The management system is structured to comply with standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO EN 3834-2.