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Floating timber handling system

Our floating timber handling system is designed for the efficient handling of floating timber during transport and storage. Aslemetals is able to deliver all the equipment required by the floating timber handling chain, all the way to the pier.

Professionals in vessel manufacturing

Our log driving boats are the result of an extensive Finnish development process. The Olkiluoto shipyard, owned by Aslemetals, specializes in manufacturing modern, low tonnage, highly specialized vessels. The Aslemetals sorters and timber tugboats operate in shallow waters such as rivers, lakes and coastal areas – also during the winter.


An efficient way to handle timber

The Aslemetals sorters and tugboats are suited for various types of sorting work, assisting in log driving and raft functions at rollways and canals. The sorters make it easy to efficiently put together bundles and rafts of logs and ensure that the logs are safely towed to the target destination for continued processing. 

The propeller system, which can be rotated 360 over the vessel. As a result, our vessels are highly functional, which is further improved by the equipment and engine output, which are tailored according to each customer’s needs.

Log Sorter – Efficient and agile sorters

LOG sorter EGG-P


  • Length 7.1 m
  • Width 2.96 m
  • Draught 1.3 m
  • Displacement 8.1 t
  • Machine power 81 kW
  • Traction 960 kp

LOG sorter EGH-P


  • Length 7.1 m
  • Width 3.41 m
  • Draught 1.5 m
  • Displacement 10.2 t
  • Machine power 150 kW
  • Traction 2450 kp

ROTO – Fast sorter & tugboat



  • Length 10.1 m
  • Width 3.72 m
  • Draught 1.5 m
  • Displacement 19.3 t
  • Machine power 150 kW
  • Traction 2400 kp

Timber Tug – Large and powerful timber tugboat



  • Length 15 m
  • Width 5 m
  • Draught 1.95 m
  • Displacement ~ 60 t
  • Machine power  220 kW
  • Traction 4500 kp

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