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References - Previous projects

Steel structure production


Prefabricated components for engine rooms
SST exhaust gas channels for passenger ships
Air channel drillings to rig
108 different channel parts
overall weight 27 tonnes
Radar mast



Transfer cassettes
Length 10,50 m
Width 8,00 m
Weight 3,15 tonnes
Adapter cassettes
Length 16,00 m
Width 8,30 m
Weight 9,72 tonnes






Oil tanks
Rauman sataman vastaanottosäiliö
Petrol tank
Diesel oil tank
Tetra container



Chimneys (30m-86m)
Vuosaaren voimalaitoksen piiput
Chimneys (80m-110m)
Chimney (50m)
Power plant chimneys (70m)
Chimney (30m)


Ship blocks

3 x luxury cruise ship blocks
Length 12,17-17,45 m
Breadth 24,50-32,20 m
Height 9,20 m
Weight 87-199 tonnes


Ship blocks Laivan nokka


Nuclear power plants

Condensation pool (manufacturing and installation)
Moderator pool (manufacturing and installation)
Downstream pipes (manufacturing and installation)
Diesel oil tank 170 m3 (manufacturing and installation)
Diesel oil tank 300 m3 (manufacturing and installation)
Diesel oil tank 300 m3 (manufacturing and installation)
Radiation protection hatches (manufacturing and installation)
Active workshop (installation)
Switching station (installation)
Grating grille lattice (prefabrication)
Transport crane rail (installation)
Steam pipe fixing beams (prefabrication)
Glazed and plated steel components for monitoring building (installation)
Waste treatment building (installation)
Square shaft, reactor building (manufacturing and installation)
Transport shaft (Prefabrication and installation)
Searchlight platform (manufacturing and installation)
Ladders (manufacturing and installation)
Handrails (manufacturing and installation)
Glass doors (installation)
Maintenance platform (manufacturing and installation)


Piping and module production



Separator aggregates
Booster Aggregates
Pump aggregates



Smoke exhaust chimneys and underground pipework to Vuosaari shopping centre.
Putkistoja risteilijällä


Piping installations

High pressure mud and test well pipings
Rucker high pressure pipings
High pressure hydraulic pipings

Supply ship pipings, ferry pipings, cargo vessel pipings

Tank area modification pipings, lubrication oil mixing workshop, tank area expansion
Chemical station pipings
Oil area pipings


Turnkey deliveries

Cereal processing, sorting and storage building container structures plate and steel structures plant and machine supply with installation as turnkey deliveries. MTTK:n Jokioisten Siemenkeskuksen 'avaimet käteen' -toimitus
Engine casing turnkey deliveries for hydrographic survey vessels to Russia.
  • Steel structures for engine shaft and chimney
  • Shaft outfitting
    • exhaust gas pipes, dampers and boilers
    • pipings, air channels and cable trays
    • stairs, ladders, doors and hatches
    • isolation and painting
  • Other outfitting
    • emergency diesel room
    • service facilities (warehouses)
    • Waste treatment area
    • CO2 room
    • air conditioning rooms and external area outfitting
  • Delivery and installation



4 x bio and charcoal conveyors with bridges
Massapaalien kuljetin
3 x paper factory chain conveyors
6 x factory lamella conveyors
mass bale transport system modification work

Shipyard projects



Coast Guard vessel
Length 15,00 m
Breadth 4,00 m
Draught 1,80 m
Engine power 400 kW
Speed 12 knots
Rannikkovartioveneen luovutus


Ferry boat
Length 19,82 m
Breadth 5,83 m
Draught 2,20 m
Engine power 349 kW
Speed 10 knots
Lautta-alus Fiskö


Pilot boats
Length 14,40 m
Breadth 4,60 m
Draught 2,40 m
Engine power 349 kW
Speed 10 knots


2 x 150-ton car/passenger ferry
Length max. 53,52 m
Breadth max. 12,33 m
Draught max. 4,20 m
Cargo on deck 150 tonnes
Engine power approx.1900 kW
Number of passengers 200
Car capacity 52
Yhteysalus Aura


Length 15,00 m
Breadth 5,00 m
Draught 1,95 m
Pollard pull 45 kN
Engine power 220 kW
Speed 10 knots


Minelaying barges

Length 43,30 m
Breadth 10,00 m
Engine power 2 x 550 kW
Speed 11 knots


Fire-fighting and oil-recovery vessel
Length 14,80 m
Breadth 4,50 m
Draught 1,95 m
Engine power 2 x 150 kW
Speed 12 knots
Palo- ja öljyntorjuntavene Kerttuli


Fire-fighting and oil-recovery vessel
Length 14,00 m
Breadth 4,10 m
Draught 0,95 m
Engine power 2 x 135 kW
Nopeus 12 solmua
Palo- ja öljyntorjuntavene Wilkk


Conversion projects

Conversion of a buoy tender to an oil-recovery vessel
Length 50,50 m
Breadth 12,20 m
Draught 3,80 m
Väylänhoitoaluksen muutostyö öljyntorjunta-alukseksi


Cargo vessel conversion
Length 80,70 m
Breadth 12,60 m
Draught 4,35 m
Engine power 2 x 404 kW
Speed 12 knots
Moottoriproomu Vekara


Conversion of a buoy tender to an oil-recovery vessel
Length 42,70 m
Breadth 12,20 m
Draught 3,80 m
Väylänhoitoalus Letto


Conversion of an oil-recovery vessel
Length 54,10 m
Breadth 12,50 m
Draught 3,00 m
M/S Hylje


Extension of a dry cargo vessel
Length 51,12 m (before 39,12 m)
Breadth 7,16 m
Side Height 3,57 m


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