From the very beginning, the operation of Aslemetals has been guided by the following principle: We do not make unrealistic promises -we deliver what we promise. Quality work is still integral to our operation. To support quality results, the production management system is structured to comply with standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001, EN1090-2 and ISO EN 3834-2.

Aslemetals aims to be a reliable and competitive supplier for its clients, and to manufacture products that meet the expectations and specifications of the clients. We are committed to continuous improvement in all aspects of our operation. Our personnel are also committed to producing good quality and our principle is that everyone should monitor the quality of operation.

We are constantly developing our operations toward a less environmentally burdensome direction. The chemicals we choose for production are as environmentally friendly as possible and they are used in a safe and environmentally responsible manner. Waste from operations is sorted and utilised. In addition, we are committed to decreasing our energy consumption as a part of the Energy Efficiency Agreement signed by the Federation of Finnish Technology Industries.

Our objective is to set goals for developing our operations and we monitor their realisation using set indicators. Setting goals and monitoring them enables continuous development.

We complement our own expertise with the special skills of our best subcontractors and partners. As for acquisitions, we favour those service and product suppliers who can demonstrate that they are able to efficiently produce quality and are environmentally responsible and can develop these qualities in cooperation with us.

Aslemetals is a member of the Environmental Register of Packaging PYR Ltd.